How can I register on
To register on, hit the yellow Register here button on the site's main page. Fill in the form and you're all ready to go.
I don't get a confirmation email!
If you don't get a confirmation email please check your junk folder.
How do I use the Search feature?
The main idea of the search feature is to look up and find musicians you’d like to work with. After you’ve filled out the information, simply hit the find users button and you’ll get instant search results.
How do I use the Lessons feature?
The Lessons feature works the same as the Search feature. After you’ve filled out the Search criteria, you hit the Find users button and as a result you’ll get the users that offer music lessons.
How do I use the Events feature?
The Events feature has two functions. First it allows you to look for events that the users have created. Second, it allows you to create your own event by hitting the Create a new event button.
Can I upload my own music to
No, you can’t. What you can do is use your Soundcloud in the My Soundcloud tracks tab. All you have to do is enter you Soundcloud username and other users can check out your Soundcloud on
You also have the possibility to copy a video link from youtube for example to your profile and/or just put the link of your facebook fanpage/website to your Profile in the Contact info tab.
If I am the owner of a music school, can I also offer music lessons?
Yes, you can and you should. As username you can just enter the name of the school or you can use the Company field to enter the name of your school.


How do I use the For Sale section?


The For Sale section allows to choose between 2 possibilities. The first one is called Looking for.

If you click on looking for, you can create a new topic and write what you are looking for to buy.

Users who have what you need can then easily contact you.

If you click on For Sale,  you can post what you want to sell by clicking on the New Topic field.

You need to be logged in as a musician to post something in the For Sale section.



How do I use the Forum?


The Forum works pretty much the same way as the For Sale section. You can click on any section you’re interested in and then create a new topic or reply to existing topics.

We do not accept self advertising (posting videos/songs and ask people to watch it / listen to it and like it) as topics. 



How do I use the Videos tab?


Please watch our 'Add a youtube playlist on (Tutorial)' here:





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